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Essante Organics Vitamin C Cleanser: This is a creamy pearlized cleanser that gently removes environmental pollutants, make-up and dirt. Vitamin C Cleanser leaves skin refreshed, balanced, and feeling clean. It aids in accelerating the body's rejuvenation process and is vital to maintaining a good acid/alkaline balance. It assists in the removal of toxins, soothing inflammation of growth of healthy tissue is stimulated. Natural electrolyte benefit are provided which includes restoring, regenerating, balancing cellular life. Good for all skin types, excellent for use with shaving. Also recommended for clearing scalp disorders.

Essante Organics creamy, pearlized 100% organic, 100% chemical free Vitamin C skin cleanser promotes anti-againg, while gently removing environmental pollutants, make-up & dirt, leaving your skin silky smooth, touchably soft, refreshed, energized, pH balanced & clean.

Vitamin C Cleanser aids in accelerating your skin's rejuvenation process. It also works around the clock to maintain the skin's vital acid/alkaline pH balance. Remove toxins, sooth inflammation, and stimulate healthy tissue growth all at once, easily! The natural electrolyte benefits within our organic Vitamin C Cleanser include: restoring, regenerating & balancing the cellular life of your skin cells. This revolutionary cleanser is excellent for all skin types because it restores homeostasis & balance. It's perfect to use when shaving!

It's important to use an organic & chemical free cleanser every day, because the skin care industry is self-regulated. Most foaming cleansers on the market contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS or SLES) a known carcinogen. Other creamy cleansers often contain Propylene Glycol & Butylene Glycol, known to cause respitory failure. Congratulations on taking charge! NOW you're enjoying a superior cleanser, free from toxic chemicals including dangerous synthetic preservatives, cancer-causing fragrences, hormone disruptors & other ingredients known to be hazardous to health. Plus Vitamin C Cleanser aids in clearing skin & scalp disorders.

1 - Sanatizer Spray 8 oz $12.00 (Item #030) See Home Products
Use throughout the day on your skin, as the acne causing bacteria cannot live in stabilized active oxygen; the main ingredient in Essante Organics Sanatizer.

1 - Empty Sanatizer Spray 1 oz Travel/Pocket-Size Container $1.00 (Item #031) See Home Products
Fill this mini travel/pocket-size container & you'll be able to mist your face anywhere, anytime.

1 - Bee Natural Tabs 120 tablets $20.00 (Item #098) See Health Products
Prescribed by health care practioners as a powerful, natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral protectant. There are many testimonials raving about perfectly clear skin, thanks to Bee Natural Tabs & Sanatizer Spray.

Retail Price: $28.60
Wholesale Member Price: $22.00

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