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Replace all those harmful, toxic, household-cleaning agents with 1 powerful product. It even makes glass & windows sparkle brilliantly leaving a perfectly streak-free shine! Enjoy the 1 single product that will clean, purify, sanitize, cleanse, disinfect & deodorize everything. Replace all surface cleaners, Lysol-type products & body aids with THIS to kill 99% of germs on contact safely & organically.

Safe for glass, wood, plastic, granite, cloth, skin & every surface. It's an exceptional all-natural anti-bacterial agent for all surfaces including pillows, food prep areas, exercise equipment, desks, toys & changing tables, door knobs, phone receivers, keyboards, etc.

Spray in/on the eyes, ears, nose, throat, lips, hands & feet. It's an exceptional antibacterial & the best way to manage pathogens, bacteria, fungi & viruses. Our Customers & Executives use it against eye styles, strep throat, cold sores, athletes foot, acne, surface pathogens & more because bacteria & fungi find it almost impossible to survive in 100% stabilized oxygen, the primary active ingredient in Essante Organics Sanitizer.

Bacteria can cause havoc. If someone feels the onset of a scratchy throat, spray generously into the mouth & throat. If a cold sore is lurking under the surface, spray on the lips. Use on acne or on an eye style to help eliminate a bacterial infection. Spray in ears to assist with infections & on the feet to stop itchy athlete's foot. It can be a strong armor & flu-fighting aid as it manages bacteria & other pathogens effortlessly during flu season & all year.

Pack 1 in your purse, briefcase, car, gym bag, desk, diaper bag, junk drawer, backpack, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, etc. Keep 1 with you always to quickly sanitize your hands & all surfaces you're about to come in contact with. People will ask about it & then they'll order it from you!

Order several EMPTY 1oz containers! Fill with Sanitizer & take with you or pass as gifts or samples. Keep 1 in your gym bag, purse, glove box, desk, etc. They're a perfect parting gift for family, friends & prospects. Invite everyone to bring over their favorite product (toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning agent, etc.). Share & educate guests on living chemical-free. Have them exchange their toxic products with Essante Organics & pass a 1 oz bottle of Sanitizer as they exit your home. Add item 031 to your order today. NOTE: White container protects the active ingredient of stabilized oxygen. Avoid storing in the sun or extreme temperatures for best performance. Our products do not treat/cure disease.

Retail Price: $15.60
Wholesale Member Price: $12.00

Summary of Antimicrobial Efficacy PDF

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