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Kids Pops are fun! No one has to convince their kids to have a lollipop! You'll be thrilled to give this POWERFULLY PACKED POP to your children. It's nutrient dense with vital vitamins, minerals & antioxidants formulated in amounts designed specifically for growing children. We all know how difficult it can be to have our kids to eat the right foods, critical to the proper development of their young bodies. It can be even more difficult to say, "no" each time they ask for something sweet. Kids Pops solve BOTH issues EASLITY! Kids Pops are packed with nutrition & have been cleverly designed as a DELICIOUS lollipop! Now your kid's treats double as one of the "essentials" in their diet. Available in 8 delicious flavors, Kids Pops advanced formulation contains vital nutrients necessary for a healthy adolescent development. They are delicious & make nutrition FUN! Lifestyles of most kids today are fast paced & their fast-growing bodies often do not receive adequate vitamins, minerals & antioxidants critical to their development. With KIDS POPS they will! Kids Pops provide the full array of nutrients. Your children will LOVE the flavors & the FUN RESULTS & so will you! Kids Pops are completely chemical free & all natural.

Entrepreneurs come in all sizes! When the business bug bites... take action! As kids ask for extra allowance or money to buy gifts... why not stoke the entrepreneurial?! Show them how to order Kids Pops. Discuss what flavors to order & what mark up they should place on each Pop. Then Load up the wagon & go door-to-door with festively wrapped Kids Pops, Power Pops & catalogs. Give those cookie scouts something to envy! Plus walking door-to-door is fun exercise! Transform the hum-drum lemonade stand into a POP SHOP! All the kids will enjoy a Good-for-you FUN time! Even college kids love selling pops. Teach your kids the importance of good communication skills early on & they'll enjoy an edge in society for the rest of their lives! Now healthy nutrition AND making extra money is FUN!

1. Order ASSORTED bag(s) (30 unique flavors in each bag)
2. Order ALL-ONE-FLAVOR bag(s) (30 of one flavor. Example: 30 Bubble Gum, 30 Grape)
Note: These are the only two ways to order Power Pops.

.Green Apple
.Wild Cherry
.Fruit Punch
.Root Beer
.Bubble Gum

You have three options...

Be a retail customer - You Purchase at the Retail Price

Be a Retail Associate - Pay an annual fee of $29.95 and purchase at the Member Price

Be a Business Owner - Pay the annual fee of $29.95, purchase at the Member Price and earn wholesale commissions.


essante kids pops 1 Bag of Kids Pops Retail Price $29.25
Member Price: $22.50

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essante kids pops 3 Bags of Kids Pops Retail Price $80.00
Member Price: $63.00

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essante kids pops 6 Bags of Kids Pops Retail Price $159.90
Member Price: $123.00

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essante kids pops 21 Bags of Kids Pops Retail Price $546.00
Member Price: $420.00

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